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SQL Security Architecture Decomposed Presentation

SQL Security Architecture Decomposed Presentation

Professional Association for SQL Server Presentation
Topic: SQL Server Security Architecture Decomposed
Presenter: Ayman El-Ghazali

Abstract: Security can be difficult to understand when first approaching SQL Server due to the many layers. In this webinar we will take a top down look at SQL Server Security and then “peel” its layers one by one to understand how it works. This webinar will help those who wish to understand security layers and concepts better with in SQL Server. We will cover how to properly manage individual and group access to your SQL Instance, Databases, and many other securables. Please join us on this journey from your server’s network port all the way to your tables, stored procedures, and functions.

June 27, 2012 – SQL Server Security Architecture Decomposed. Click here to start streaming.

Slides and Code for all Presentations can be found here


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