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Open Heart Surgery Lessons Learned for IT Part 4 – Learning Beyond the Job Title

Open Heart Surgery Lessons Learned for IT Part 4 – Learning Beyond the Job Title

Finally we have come full circle to the final post on this lessons learned segment. In case you have not been reading the news lately, the healthcare market is booming especially with those that are lucky enough to be in the IT field.  It is a big industry here in the U.S. and will continue to grow.

As IT workers we need to step up to the challenge and not stop where our job title does. Being a developer, programmer, DBA, QA Tester, or whatever you may be is not an invitation to ignore the business side of things. Rather, as IT practitioners we should strive to understand and seek purpose in what we are doing. We also need to be innovative and find new solutions to existing problems as well as increase our skills sets and learn new technologies when possible. A career is a life long learning process, it’s not just about getting the job you want and sitting at your desk doing the same thing over and over and claiming it as gained experience. One of my good colleagues told me the other day “doing something for twenty years doesn’t mean you have twenty years experience, maybe you did the same thing 200 times!”

As you can see, the entire experience for me was a learning experience beyond the job title yet it helps me perform better at my work because I understand more about the data that I am working with.

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