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SQL Server 2012 New Feature – The Sequence Object

SQL Server 2012 New Feature – The Sequence Object

One of the cool new features with SQL 2012 is the Sequence Object.  One of the worst parts of this feature is that whenever I mention it’s a cool new feature a lot of people say “that has been in Oracle forever.” Patience is a virtue!!

Anyway, so I like to consider the Sequence Object as a “Global Identity” that can be shared by many objects in the same database, or even across databases on the same server (I have not tried it via Linked Servers because I only have one test SQL 2012 server). You can take values from the Sequence Object and insert them into tables or you can have a column in a table default to a value from the Sequence Object. A warning to the wise: If you assign a default value for the table as a Sequence Object then you cannot drop it because of dependencies. That is actually a pretty good security measure.

I have included a code snippet so that you can play around with this new feature and I’ve put a few screen shots to show how you can manage it via the GUI. Make sure you run the code section by section; I have included a lot of comments to let you know what to expect while running it.

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