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Dear IT Guy, Why do you hesitate to attend my meetings?

Dear IT Guy, Why do you hesitate to attend my meetings?

I was attending Microsoft’s on-boarding training last week and one of the managers there mentioned that a lot of IT geeky guys and gals don’t like to attend meetings, and deal with people etc.  This was her opinion based on her 20 year career in IT, and even as a technical person who has successfully found her way into great leadership roles. I respected her outlook, and I gave her a little bit of my own outlook based on my experience which I will share with you.

First let me mention what I discussed with my colleague. Personally, I don’t mind attending meetings to much, I’m quite a social butterfly actually (outgoing, extraverted, “i” in the DiSC assessment, etc). So I’m not the stereotypical IT guy that is depicted in movies or that people have grown accustomed to describing to their therapist when talking about people that make them feel bad at work.  Just a side note, I’m totally kidding with these sterotypes, I’ve loved the people I’ve worked with in IT and I don’t think I would pick any other field.  Anyway, back on topic, I don’t like attending meetings with some non-technical folks for a variety of reasons that I will list below:

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