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Dear IT Guy, Customer Service is part of your job

Dear IT Guy, Customer Service is part of your job

It may be true that you are one of a kind, a true techie with specialized skills that are hard to find and hire for. One thing that is more true is that customer service is still very much a big part of your job. Which equates to the fact that you need to start working better with your peers internally and your clients on the external side of things.

Technology comes and goes. I believe it was Steve Jobs that said something to the effect of “we are all layers of this large sedimentary rock.” Gordon Moore predicted that computing power would double every 18 months and in a world where we have reached some of the physical limits of CPU clock speeds, that concept is no longer as applicable. If CPU fabricators such as Intel and AMD had seen this as the absolute truth in CPU development, then we may not have gotten the wonderful multi-core chips we have today.  And to that effect, a legend’s theory in the computing world has been superseded by a new technological advancement so what about you and I? One of the most important parts of our career is our own personal brands.

Our brand drives people to approach us to solve problems.  It drives people to want to connect with us and include us on a personal and professional level.  It makes us stand out among our peers and it makes us one of those distinguished people in an organization that everyone has something good to talk about.  That brand, is not just about what you know, but also about how to treat others. Your customer service is what makes your brand shine.  Sure, you could be a brilliant DBA, Sys Admin, or whatever else you aspire to be (note DBAs are awesome!). However, if people don’t like your attitude and how you deal with them on a personal level, they will be reluctant to reach out to you for more work.  They will be reluctant to reach out to your boss with great feedback.  It’s just the nature of how we are as humans.  When was the last time you had a terrible experience at a store or a restaurant and you said to yourself “I’m definitely going back there, I love having a poor experience it makes my day”? The answer is probably never. In reality, this maybe how your colleagues view you at work.

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