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SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) and SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse

The SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse are very high end builds of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008R2 product; and SQL 2012 in the future. I’ve been intrigued by these products so I’ve started to learn about it. They have both been on the market for a while, but I’ve just recently been exposed to the technology and it has been exciting to learn more and more about it.

James Serra was kind enough to take the time to point me in the right direction with a great post that he wrote up last year:

Here are some additional resources about this product:

Finally, a very nice set of videos provided by the Microsoft Virtual Academy:

Module 2  talks about the PDW architecture. Module 4 talks about the Fast Track Datawarehouse; which is a product that sits between your custom build of SQL Server and the PDW. Of course all the other modules are useful, but just in case you wanted to take a quick dive into material related to the PDW you should go for Modules 2 and 4.


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Log File Full–Availability Group Database

An interesting post by Gethyn Ellis about an issue he encountered using Availability Groups. Follow the link above to read more.

I run into an interesting issue with an Availability Group database recently. I was running a data load against a database in an Always On Availability group database in SQL Server 2012.  The load was SSIS package migrating data from staging database when the package fell over with the following error

“The transaction log for database DBName is full due to ‘AVAILABILITY_REPLICA’”


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SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Released for CTP4.

CORRECTION: This is for CTP4 (Community Technology Preview) not RTM (Release to Manufacturing). Therefore, you cannot install this if you are running a full version of SQL Server 2012. Sorry for the confusion, the original article I read did not mention anything about it being for CTP.

Fresh off the tree and ripe for picking…

Link for downloading SQL Server 2012 CTP4 Service Pack 1:


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8 Habits/Skills/Traits of Highly Effective DBAs

8 Habits/Skills/Traits of Highly Effective DBAs

The whole “7 Habits” title is so cliché so I decided to make it eight! Plus that will probably relieve me from any copyright violations as well. So anyway, these are the eight habits/skills of Highly effective Database Administrators in my humble opinion. Although I come from the Microsoft SQL Server world, I believe most of these traits or skills can be adapted cross-platform.

Feel free to add your feedback in the comments section, this is after all just my own opinion.

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Deploying a SQL Server 2012 Multi-Subnet Cluster

Excellent write up on how to deploy a SQL Server 2012 Multi-SubNet Cluster (GeoCluster).

- Microsoft technologies and what I do for fun -

I’ve been wanting to write a series of articles on deploying a SQL Server 2012 on a multi-subnet cluster for quite some time now. This was driven by the fact that my series of articles on SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering had been in the Top 10 Tips for more than 2 years since being published three years ago. I guess more and more systems administrators and SQL Server DBAs are being tasked with deploying failover cluster instances. Ever since I had my hands on the beta version of Denali (codename for SQL Server 2012) last year,  I’ve been testing some configurations for the multi-subnet clustering feature. I think I’ve built like 3 test environments prior to Denali going RTM just so I can wrap my head around the concepts (plus the fact that Windows Clustering Experts like Microsoft MVP Allan Hirt (blog | Twitter) have been gracious…

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Open Heart Surgery Lessons Learned for IT Part 3 – Monitoring Health and Disaster Recovery

Open Heart Surgery Lessons Learned for IT Part 3 – Monitoring Health and Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest issues we have in health is poor monitoring.  This is also the case in health of many of our systems.  As a DBA, I’m always concerned about the health of my database servers; mainly because I would like to keep my job and not get the 3am call that something has gone terribly wrong. However, with that said, no matter how careful we are there is always the probability of something bad going wrong.

This is part three of my lessons learned and will have more of a focus on Database monitoring and Disaster recovery.

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System Center for the SQL Server DBA: Wrap-Up

Might be worth investigating if you need a robust enterprise level system to monitor your database servers.


I’m going to call the series on System Center for the SQL Server DBA complete with this one last post today. First, here is the full series to date … my apologies for the lack of post naming consistency!!

System Center for the SQL Server DBA Intro

The Continuing Story of System Center for the SQL Server DBA

Monitor SQL Server from System Center Operations Manager

SQL Server management pack for SCOM

System Center for the SQL Server DBA Part 2: DPM

System Center Data Warehouse for SQL Server DBAs

What I wanted to point you all to is an update to my methodology of using SQL Server 2012 business intelligence leveraging in-memory analytical models to provide very important insights into your SQL Server environment with System Center Operations Manager. The link is here to my blog on this on SQL Server Pro Magazine.

By leveraging the SCOM data warehouse…

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